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Investing in Small Business Capital Campaigns

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Client Capital Campaigns

Each Client Capital Campaign will be listed on this web page with a link to offering documents.

The Center is currently taking applications from Colorado small businesses to receive the Center's Campaign Support Services.

If you are interested in receiving the services of the Center, please contact Ron Stites, Executive Director.

If you are interested in investing in a future Client Capital Campaign, please come back to this site for periodic updates.

Our Capital Campaign

The Center has established the Colorado Small Business Opportunity Zone Fund 1 LLC as a dedicated, multiple asset Opportunity Zone Fund to invest in the Capital Campaigns of Colorado Opportunity Zone Businesses.

If you are interested in investing in the Center's current capital campaign, please go to:

CCICC Opportunity Zone Fund

Future Small Business Fund

The Center plans to establish and manage an additional small business fund later in 2020 that will be dedicated to non-Opportunity Zone small businesses in Colorado.

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