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Investing in Small Business Capital Campaigns

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Investment in Capital Campaigns

The Center currently offers services to Colorado Qualified Opportunity Zone Businesses in the design, staging and management of Capital Campaigns.  See our services at:

Small Business Capital Campaign Services

The Center invests in selected businesses by providing the talent and advancing the costs of conducting a Capital Campaign. 

The services of the Center overcome time, knowledge and money limitations of small businesses and enable a high probability of successfully completing a Capital Campaign.

Application for Services

The Center is accepting applications from Colorado small busineses that need to raise capital to start or grow.

Capital may take any form  of cash and any form of asset: equity, debt, revenue, royalties as well as labor, facilities, equipment and intellectual property.

The small business must be capable of raising a minimum of $500,000 from all capital sources within six months and sustain operations for a minimum of 10 years.

To learn more about our Capital Campaign services and about our selection process, download our information flyer:



The Center is recruiting individuals to join our team as Advisors, Campaign Managers and Capital Coaches.

Working as a  team, we seek to know everything necessary about each Client small business, their team, markets, operations and available capital sources and how to structure capital offerings that match the needs of those capital sources.

For each Client Capital Campaign, we create a custom configuration of people who can manage the Capital Campaign efficiently toward the goal of successfully attaining the Minimum Capital Goal of the Client.

To learn more about opportunities with our team, go to:


Our Capital Campaign

The Center is currently conducting its own Capital Campaign.

The goal is to raise $600,000 that will enable the Center to provide Capital Campaign support services to up to 20 Colorado Opportunity Zone small businesses each year.

The Center is conducting two concurrent capital campaigns - an Opportunity Zone Fund that is open to the public with capital gains to invest and meet the 'accredited investor' status and a private offering limited to people within the Team's network.

To learn more about investing in the Center as a Qualified Opportunity Zone Business, go to:

Opportunity Zone Fund

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