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Investing in Small Business Capital Campaigns

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Impacting Our Communities

We are seeking investors who share our belief that small businesses have the greatest impact on the economy of our communities.  

If you are interested in making investings that help your community, please complete our Investor Survey:

Sustainable Businesses

We support small businesses that have the potential to sustain operations for a minimum of 10 years.  Over this period of time a small business will create jobs, pay taxes and provide direct support to the community.

Investing in a small business for 10 years requires patience and time to let the investment work.  

Monetary and Non-Monetary Benefits

Nearly all investments in small businesses will not make the investor rich when looking solely at return on investment (ROI).  An investor in a small business must look to non-monetary benefits from investing such as impact on the community in the form of improving the local economy, advancing a social cause or addressing a community challenge.

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