Colorado Center for Innovation in Community Capital LLC

Investing in Small Business Capital Campaigns

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Improving Access to Capital

The Center provides services to Colorado government agencies, foundations and community organizations to improve local access to capital.  

Services extend beyond a single business to community projects that improve the local economy and involve two or more businesses that may include a public private partnership (PPP) with the participation of a government agency and/or a community organization.

Community Capital Needs Assessment

The Center will assess the Capital Needs of a community to meet the milestones of its economic goals.  In addition to the collective capital needs of the small businesses within the community, the Center will also explore capital requirements for local infrastructure: health, communications, utilities, housing, education, entertainment and innovation.

Community Capital Strategy

The Center will identify possible Capital Sources and consider different types of Capital Campaigns that may obtain the Capital needed from the Capital Sources.

The Center will propose a Capital Strategy for obtaining the Capital.

Community Capital Campaigns

The Center will design, stage and manage a Capital Campaign for a community project.  The Center will develop a Campaign Plan, recruit contractors, develop Communications, establish Communication Channels and lead the conduct of the Capital Campaign.

Limited Support Services

The Center will provide limited support services to five or more businesses, property developers and community projects in the conduct of their Capital Campaigns.  

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