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Investing in Small Business Capital Campaigns

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Offering Documents

You may download and review our offering documents:

Investment Summary

Offering Memorandum

Investment Agreement

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If you are prepared to make an investment in the Colorado Small Business Opportunity Zone Fund 1 LLC and you meet the investor qualifications by investing 'capital gains' and by having the status of an 'accredited investor', then you may obtain instructions for making your investment here:

OZ Fund Instructions


The Center seeks to raise a total of $600,000 through sale of 24% of its ownership. 

Money from this Offering will be used to invest in the Capital Campaigns of selected Colorado Qualified Opportunity Zone Businesses and to establish new support systems through the Center of Innovation in Capital LLC.

This offer is limited to investors that may roll over capital gains to qualify for Opportunity Zone tax incentives in conformance with IRS regulations.

This offer is also limited to investors that qualify as 'accredited investors' as defined by federal and state laws.

Opportunity Zone Tax Incentives

Investment in the Center through the Colorado Small Business Opportunity Zone Fund 1 LLC (the 'Fund') is intended to qualify investors may qualify for Opportunity Zone tax incentives.

All money invested into the Fund will be deployed to the Colorado Center for Innovation in Community Capital LLC. (the 'Center')

The Center will provide turnkey Capital Campaign management services to selected Colorado small Qualified Opportunity Zone Businesses in exchange for fees and ownership in the Colorado small businesses.


If successful in attaining its goals, the Center will support over 200 Colorado small businesses over the next ten years in successfully completing their capital campaigns.  This will result in the Center earning over $12 million in fees and $12 million in small business ownership. 

The Center will distribute ordinary income as it is earned and will wait to distribute capital gains until after the ten year term of the investment. 

Investors will receive 100% of distributions until they have received back the amount of their investment, thereafter 75% of distributions until they have doubled their money and 24% of all remaining distributions.


If we are successful in attaining our goals, Investors in this Offering will realize substantial returns on their investment. 

More importantly to us, we have the potential to help Colorado small businesses raise over $100 million that will help them grow, create new jobs and contribute to the economic health of their communities.

To learn more, download and review our Offering Documents.

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