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Investing in Small Business Capital Campaigns

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Small Business Turnkey Services

The Center offers selected Colorado small businesses turnkey capital campaign management within a 10-year services package.  Using a custom team of contractors fitted to the needs of the small business, the Center's Campaign Manager leads the provision of Skills Training, the completion of a Capital Assessment, Capital Source Identification, Setting of Capital Goals Capital Source Profiling, Capital Strategy Development, Designing Capital Offerings, Campaign Planning, Development of Communications, Establishment of Communication Channels and Campaign Management.


The Center works to establish Capital Goals and develop a Capital Strategy within two weeks, develop a Capital Campaign Plan within four weeks, launch the Capital Campaign within three months, attain the Minimum Capital Goal within four months and attain the Maximum Capital Goal within six months.

Upon successful completion of the Capital Campaign, the Center offers annual Capital Checkups for nine years.


The Center charges a standard fee of $60,000 in cash and $60,000 in equity ownership that is paid when the small business attains its Minimum Capital Goal.

The Center charges an annual $2,500 fee for a Capital Checkup.

The small business must acquire a whole life insurance key man policy for 10 years to fund the by back of the equity ownership held by the Center.

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