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Investing in Small Business Capital Campaigns

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The Center is a team of professionals with extensive experience in raising capital and small business operations.  Duties are divided between support of the Center, support of all Client Capital Campaigns and support of specific Client Capital Campaigns.

The Center is a limited liability company managed by its Managers.

The Board of Managers is currently comprised of Karl Dakin and Ron Stites.

The Center is currently recruiting individuals to serve as Campaign Managers, Contractors, Campaign Coordinators and Capital Coaches.

The Center is supported by the systems and platforms of the Center for Innovation in Capital LLC.

Ron Stites, Executive Director

Day to day operations will be led by Ron Stites acting in the capacity of the Executive Director for the Center.

Ron Stites is a serial entrepreneur in high-tech companies.  He has taught courses at the university level in accounting, marketing and and marketing research.  He holds five patents in in chemical processes and has launched business startups and business expansions.  

His forte is integrating technical knowhow, business intelligence, finance, operations and sales into successful business operations.

He is an accomplished lecturer and instructors.

Board of Advisors

The Board of Managers and Ron Stites will be supported by a Board of Advisors.

Each individual on the Board of Advisors will bring their knowledge and contacts to the Center and each of the Client Capital Campaigns.

The Center is currently recruiting 20 individuals to become members of our Board of Advisors.  We are seeking people with great experience in raising capital for small businesses, small business operations and economic development that have a huge business network within the State of Colorado.

Campaign Manager

The Campaign Manager will recruit and lead a custom set of Contractors that may include legal, accounting, public relations, communications and other expertise.

Each Campaign Manager will bring their knowledge of raising capital and project management to each Client Capital Campaign.

The Center is currently recruiting the first Campaign Manager with the expectation that a second will be hired within two months and a third within four months.  We are seeking people great experience in small business consultation, raising capital for small businesses and project management.


Each Capital Campaign will be supported by a custom team of Contractors.

Under the leadership of a Campaign Manager, Contractors will perform all activities described within the Capital Campaign Services drawing upon their expertise and contacts.

The Center is currently recruiting individuals and businesses that will support the first 20 Capital Campaigns.  We are seeking skills that fill the gaps and supplement the skills of our Client small businesses.

Capital Coach

Each Client small business will be advised by a Capital Coach after it successfully completed its Capital Campaign.

The Capital Coach will complete an annual Capital Checkup for each Client small business that reviews its capital needs and available capital sources to update its Capital Strategy.

The Center will begin recruiting the first of two Capital coaches in the second half of 2020. 

If you have an interest in joining the Center's team, please contact Ron Stites.

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